Sources for Artifact

So where should the students put their sources for their artifact? Should they put a URL on the actual image and then just put their sources in the response, if so which section?

The College Board has provided a Written Response Template for the Explore Task. It is found in the Digital Portfolio section of your College Board portal. There is a section on the template for your students to enter references for response 2e. on page 3.

I can’t find the written template College Board supplies. I’m using the one but can anyone direct me to the college board explore template?

It is in the digital portfolio under the written response section for each task.Here is a link to another forum post that shows where you can find it.

I also have a sources question. As I learned during training, the sources must be since May 1, 2017 to current. One student found a source for her Explore Task dated late April 2017, but has been update as recently as last month. Can she use this resource?

I think it would be okay if it clearly states the date of the update.