Explore PT - Student-created video question


First year teacher. A student is making a video for the Explore PT. He would like to appear on camera in his video. He wanted to confirm that this is allowed. I couldn’t find anything on College Board that addressed this, but maybe I missed something. He also asked about using his name, as in would he need to cite himself?

Any help is appreciated!


I do not have a definitive answer for you. I can only offer my opinion. The AP Reading experience I have is from CS A. Readers are told that if they recognize a student’s writing or a student puts his or her name in the free response and is recognized by the reader, then the appropriate action is for the reader to ask another reader to score the submission. I would expect similar protocols to be observed with regard to the videos in which students appear, provided there is no stated restrictions in the instructions.


Hi @mwilson,

I agree with @randle.moore. I was a reader for the Explore PT last year and as far as I remember, there’s some option to flag on the system if you recognize the student and the entry will just get tossed back into the pool for someone else to grade.

As for citing, my assumption is that whatever’s not cited is then attributed to the author, so no, the student would not need to cite himself.



Thank you for your responses. I shared your suggestions with my students. As it turns out, I had missed a line in the Student Digital Portfolio guide - when students go to mark their PT as final and submit, they must verify that they have NOT used their name anywhere in their artifact or written responses.