File Names Nomenclature for Explore & Create PT

Lizzy here from the Inland Empire/Orange County cohort’s last PD! We have a question about how to name the files for the various artifacts and pdfs for the official PTs. Are students supposed to (or allowed to) include their names in the file names?

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From what i have read in the Student Guide, students need to remove all identifying information from there submission. I would include filenames in the requirement. I imagine the AP student number will be attached to the submission as part of the final submission process.


On a related note, it seems the AP digital portfolio uploading system does not take too kindly to long file names and/or filenames with special characters. No error message gets displayed, however. The system simply does nothing after the upload button is pressed, leaving students confused. If they run into this problem, they should shorten/simplify their filename and try uploading again.

I had my students follow the example The College Board gave for the file names: Computational_Artifact.pdf & Written_Responces.pdf. We had no problems uploading the files.