Explore PT - 2b citation



For response 2b for the Explore Performance Task, does the student’s citation count for the word count of this section? I have student who after their citations, they are at about 80 words. That leaves them only 20 words to talk about their development process of their artifact. Any suggestions or knowledge will help on the matter!


I didn’t attend the official college board summer program this summer, but last summer our presenter said that both 2b and 2e didn’t count towards the total (and, in addition, the word count was more of a guideline than a hard cut-off). It might be worth asking on the CB forums if nobody here has a definitive answer.


I don’t have a definitive answer either but you are right in that the word count by section has always been just a guideline. I also have told my students that the sources can be part of the artifact itself or included in the the references in 2E. I have them put a separate section in 2E for the sources for artifact.


Do you mean you can have students create a seperate .pdf with references for their artifact? I know that they can have up to 3 pages for their artifact and most of my students only use one. Could they have a separate page that lists their references and that way they have more words to work with in 2b and the rest of the responses. Thank you for the quick feedback!


When my students wanted to add the sources into the artifact I had them put them on a separate page - almost always that was slide 2 in the google slide or PowerPoint. They then “print to PDF” and have the 2 slides in one PDF file.


Thank you greatly for the responses. This helps a ton, and after looking at some of the student examples from College Board I think I straightened out the sources with my students. Thanks again!