2b Source - Word Count - Explore PT




It is clear in the Explore PT that in prompt 2b you should be entering your references that were used in creation of your artifact. It is also clear that this prompt should not be over 100 words. Does this include references? My students using MLA are stating that the references alone in 2b are going to be close to 100 words.

I know that references in 2e do not count towards the word count, but can not see any clear criteria for 2b.



I am not sure how they count words for 2B if the references are included there. If you look at the instructions for section 2E in the Assessment Overview and Performance Task Directions for Students (https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-csp-student-task-directions.pdf), it states “Provide a list of at least three print sources used to create your computational artifact and/or support your responses…” Last year I recommended that my students put their image citations in 2E but in a separate section. If you look at 2E in Explore C: Written response (https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/video_audio/ap18-explore-sample-c-written.pdf), the citations for the images are there. Seems cleaner to me to have all the references together in one place.


The word count is a guideline, and the College Board has stated in the past that references do not count towards the word count. As @gjschmidt stated, the references can be placed in 2E, but students can also place them in 2B as long as students understand that the primary goal of 2B is to describe how the artifact was created.


Thanks. I think when students use the survival guide in preparation for the explore task they see this checklist. Which some of them then overthink

2b. Response Checklist

  • Describe the tool you used
  • Describe the development process
  • Mention if it’s a new artifact or combining artifacts
  • Cite sources for artifacts used
  • Must not exceed 100 words


So, one of my students is asking about word count and losing points.

Example, max 100 word count but student can’t seem to cut below 106 words (without source/references). Do they lose point(s) for that question?



@vanessaduplessie, see Hannah’s post above (2b Source - Word Count - Explore PT) - the word count is a guideline. 106 words is fine.