Express Course Lessons on Youtube

I have been teaching the express course for several years and this year, one of the students found the youtube answer videos for the express course. Most of the class is using them and they do not even think of it as cheating. What are some options you are using to manage this issue in your classrooms.

well why not do surprise quiz schedule a test based on the stuff they learned stuff where a guide hasn’t been published yet… getting tutorials isn’t too bad so long as the students understand the knowledge of how it works you can count the homework assignments as less as well so students are also more inclined to study for when it’s coming up too. 10-15% would probably be a good margin while quizes can be 25%-35% and tests can be about 40-45% or so allotting the rest to participation if not 100%. I think having a more incentive based structure based on passing would be better that having most of the weight be on the homework. Though, perhaps I’m wrong I’d love to hear others thoughts as well despite not ever using the express coursework

Do you have suggestions on how I would create quizzes based on what they are doing in the express course? Are you suggesting paper and pencil quizzes, or somehow having them do an assignment within express course. Elaborate please.

Like quizzes based off of the course work they did, if they actually learned from the homework they should be able to apply it in class you can base the questions off of the homework assignments and just change them fundamentally (rewarding those who actually learned) like leading to a different output or displaying a different image… like i said I’ve never done the express course though It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to just pick like 5 - 10 questions rephrase them for a different answer and then grade them… and you should have them in person if possible