Field Trips for AP CSP Students


Any ideas of where to take students to get them involved in the behind-the-scenes? I’m located about 25 minutes out of NYC and I can’t find anything to get them into the Google offices. I see that Apple has some workshop options but they don’t look like they are high level. Any thoughts?


I wonder what companies in your area hire programmers? Almost every type of field does these days. They don’t have to go to an Apple or a Google. Banks hire many programmers.


I’m looking for an experience where they can see all different jobs in the field, like web designers and graphic designers and programmers all in one place, and the collaborative environment in which they work.


I would agree with Caroline - I have taken my students to Target HQ and a data storage company. This year we are going to a software company and a robotics company. I think any large company could show a variety of careers in tech - Target was excellent since students could connect to it and they talks about how everyone from marketing to sore ops thought about using technology to help their business.