First time teaching kids programming?

Hi everyone,

I am new in this website and start to love it, I have got a few questions and hope to get answers on them.

My names Ahmed and I am a Computer teacher in a primary school in Libya, I am teaching the kids basic things in computer just following the school curriculum, However, I am planning to start teaching the kids programming languages since I have got a programming language background. I have a bachelor in Information Technology, and as I mention I am planning to teach the kids programming.

All I ask is helping me in guiding and giving me advices to deliver appropriate education to the kids.

Thanks you.

Ahmed Alkharam

Hi Ahmed,

Welcome! There are lots of first timers who use this site. This forum is a community for teachers using curricula in particular. If you haven’t found them yet look here:

If you have questions about delivering the lessons in these curricula or using our tools and products then this is the place!

Curriculum Team.

Thank you Mr. Baker for replying, I really would love to know more about delivering the lessons in these curricula and using our tools and products?

Thank you

Ahmed Alkharam