Forum Updates Coming! (verified-teacher-only categories, clearer organization)

Hello CS Discoveries Teachers!

We’re excited to announce that over the next couple weeks we’ll be making some much-needed updates to the CS Discoveries forum. In particular we’ll be adding verified-teacher-only categories that will make it easier for you to freely discuss and share assessments and answer keys. In fact we’ve already made the “Assessment” category verified-teacher-only. We’ll also be re-organizing the forum to be organized in a clearer and more unified way that should make it easier to keep up with discussions and find what you’re looking for.

If your account is not already validated then follow the instructions here to get a validated account. Once your account is validated you’ll need to sign out and back into this forum for the change to take effect.

We’re looking forward to making your forum experience even more helpful!
GT and the CS Discoveries Team