Free Play on first bubble

(Long time listener. First time caller.) My students have been working through various courses (depending on grade level), and I’ve observed that several lessons in different courses start with a Free Play activity. And while I understand the value of play, it has led to more frustration than success with my students. No matter how many times I tell them to commit to the “Finish” button and move on to new learning, it’s hard for many of them to know when to quit that particular bubble. While at the same time, some of my students also fly though the lesson and cruise on to the next lesson without realizing it. When there’s not an unplugged activity in between lessons, it’s hard to notice you’re on a new level. So those students are missing the introduction lesson to the new concept. I feel like there would be more value in ending some of the lessons with a free play bubble, to keep advanced students occupied while others are trying to catch up.