Lesson 4, Level 13 - Free Play

I’m not a big fan of the “free play” levels in this curriculum. My students see it as optional and don’t really do anything here. I would like to give them a picture or something to create here. Any ideas from someone who has taught this lesson before?

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Hi Kammie,

The free play levels are intended to be optional. We added them for teachers who requested an open level at the end with a scoped tool box. They’re also a place for kids who have completed the lesson to do some open ended work.

In the next version of the curriculum, we’re restructuring the levels to make it a little more clear what parts are a part of the learning progression and what parts are extensions.

Hopefully people have some ideas for how to give guidance for kids who want a little more direction on these levels.



Hi, I’m using the 2018-19 version and don’t see a “Free Play” or Extended Learning version at the end of Lesson 4? Can someone tell me where to access this?

Has anyone from code gotten back to you on your query from Sept 15? Last year my students came up with creative artistic patterns for the last puzzle in lesson 4. In the 2018-19 version no such free-play platform exists. Haven’t seen a post in response to yours.


After bubble 12, there is a icon of a flag. If you click on the flag it takes you to a page that has a Lesson 4 challenge. If you click on picture of the challenge, it will take you to the free play page.

Nope. Would love to see it!

Hi Kammie,
So I’m looking for that flag but I’m not sure where on the screen to find it. I attached a snapshot of my puzzle 12. (I first do every lesson as a “fake” student before assigning to my students. I named that fake student “sample” at the start of the year).

I’m assuming I need to set the flag on the teacher dashboard screen but I’m just not finding it. Any help is appreciated.



Hi Ari,

You will need to turn on the lesson extras. This link will explain how: https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/articles/228116568-In-the-teacher-dashboard-what-are-lesson-extras-

Hopefully this helps,

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Worked like a charm. Thanks for navigating me!

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I agree with the above post. Please add extras for lesson 4! Students are more engaged when they recreate something then when they are directed to create their own. Lesson 3 had 3 pre-designed extras and one “free play.” Consistency would be good. Thanks.