Lesson 4, Level 13 - Free Play


I’m not a big fan of the “free play” levels in this curriculum. My students see it as optional and don’t really do anything here. I would like to give them a picture or something to create here. Any ideas from someone who has taught this lesson before?


Hi Kammie,

The free play levels are intended to be optional. We added them for teachers who requested an open level at the end with a scoped tool box. They’re also a place for kids who have completed the lesson to do some open ended work.

In the next version of the curriculum, we’re restructuring the levels to make it a little more clear what parts are a part of the learning progression and what parts are extensions.

Hopefully people have some ideas for how to give guidance for kids who want a little more direction on these levels.



Hi, I’m using the 2018-19 version and don’t see a “Free Play” or Extended Learning version at the end of Lesson 4? Can someone tell me where to access this?