2018 Free Play at the end of lessons

WHY, oh WHY did we lose the “Free Play” at the end of the lessons in Unit 3?

I would have my student submit these to me on our LMS to prove that they could complete the skills they learned in the lesson on their own. Then I could make sure they were actually learning the skills needed as they went along in the course and not have to wait to the end to see if they actually learned something. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring back the “Free Play” to the end of the lessons in Unit 3.

Hi Phillip,
Free play levels have been moved to “Lesson Extras” which is a feature you can enable or disable for each of your classes. From your home page, click the arrow to “edit section details” then make sure the feature is set to “yes” for each of your sections.
Hope that helps!

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Wahoo! Thanks for pointing this out!

Yes I totally agree!!! I used it last year as an assessment as well…draw whatever you want…submit it to Schoology…you know. I can see that I can bring it back, but it is more confusing for my students to get to. No matter, we can work around that.

The worst part about the new way is that when I go to my teacher dashboard to look at my student’s code on the Free Play, I can’t see their work or code for the challenges!!! Ahhhhh! Is there any way we can bring back this functionality?