Some of my students don't have extra lessons at the end of Unit 3-Lesson3?

Some of my students don’t have extra lessons at the end of Unit 3-Lesson3???

I turned on extra lessons in the section setting, but a few students don’t have them at the end of Lesson 3…How can I fix this?

Check to make sure they are working in the 18-19 Unit 3. I just found a few students who were working under last year’s class. That might be the problem.


Having the same issue- they are in the 18-19 version

I am having the same problem my students are in the 18-19 version. I can’t find section settings.

Hi Darren,

You can find the section settings on “My Dashboard”.
Go to the section you want to edit.
Click on “down arrow” in the box to the right of “Login Info”.
Click on “Edit Section details”
Select current unit: “CSD Unit 3- Animations and Games”
“Enable Lesson Extras” will show.


Hi John,

If the students are in the 18-19 version and you have “enabled Lesson extras”, they should be able to access the challenge levels. If this is not working, you will need to report this as a bug.


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I am in lesson [
Computer Science Discoveries ('18-'19)] and have enabled extra lessons and my students still can not access the free play.

Ok, once students complete the levels, the Challenges show on a new screen. They are fairly hidden and you are not able to check to see if they completed them. I preferred the way it worked last year where I could view the work students did in free play.

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Mr Riley,

Great! You can also direct students to their dashboard, then scroll down and they see “Projects” listed and the ability to use Web Lab separate from the lessons (you can also find Game Lab and App Lab with all blocks included here).

Hope that helps!

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The fact that you can’t see the work is a bug that unfortunately we did not know about when we moved the challenges to the Lesson Extras section. We anticipate a fix for that in early 2019.

The students should be able to access the Lesson Extras at any time by clicking on the checkered flag and the end of the bubble progression.


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I am trying to grade the challenges but I cannot find them. I have looked under projects on my dashboard and they are not there. Please help!