Checking Lesson Extras from Teacher Dashboard

If I assign Unit 3 with Lesson extras, is there anyway to check the lesson extras from the teacher dashboard? When I click on the lesson extra, it stops giving me the option of seeing student work.

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Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, right now there’s a problem with teachers seeing the student code in the lesson extras, but are working on getting it fixed. It will not be until early next year, though.


Has this issue been fixed?


I just checked it does not appear to be fixed yet. I will forward on to the higher powers at

Have a great evening,

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Hi, this issue is scheduled to be fixed around the end of February. It’s possible that there are some unforeseen difficulties, or an emergency problem takes precedence, but otherwise, I’d expect to see this working in March. We know that it makes the lesson extras very difficult to use in Discoveries, and we want to get it fixed as soon as we can.


Looking for an update on the Lesson Extras?