Challenges do not show

My challenges are not longer showing, how can I get them back?

Hi @mwilson1,

Can you refresh my memory on what “challenges” are? Are they in a specific unit, lesson, or something in App Lab?


Challenges are extra activities at the end of the lessons. I would like my students that are faster to do them, but they are not seeing them. There is a note that this is controlled in the teacher dashboard, but I cannot find where.

Obviously, I had this trouble last spring, but must have figured it out. Now I can’t - please help.

Are you referring to the sections labeled “Extended Learning” near the bottom of some of the teacher-facing lesson plans?

I don’t believe students can view those. If that’s what you’re referring to, let me know and I can double check with staff.

Frank – you were my facilitator in Atlanta – nice to see you again.

No – the extra lessons in the Express course. Finally found it. It is in a drop down arrow on the far right of the class section that says
Edit Section Details. Enable Lesson Extras needs turned on.


Nice to hear from you!

Glad you found the feature you were looking for, and thanks for documenting it in case others have the same question (or you want to look it up for yourself in the future :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thank you so much for typing out how you found it. I do not think that this website it intuitive at all. I searched for how to change this for WAY too long. It would be nice if took you directly to the spot where you could make that change :slight_smile: