CSD Early Finishers


Anyone have ideas on how to handle students who finish a lesson early?


Have the students who finished early help the students who are having problems.



I usually have “hacker” problems at the end of my lessons the are challenging for my students that they can opt into. Sometimes it’s an extension of the classwork, sometimes its a preview of next class and sometimes its something related that we won’t get to in class. If you’re in Unit 3 and the “Lesson Extras” are turned on, there is often an open ended Game Lab at the end which students can explore and create these “hacker” challenges.

Hope that helps a little! Looking forward to hearing more people’s solutions.



My early finishers are usually the students in AP classes. They always have work to do for other classes and I encourage them to work on it.
Unit 2 is where they finish quickly and there are a ton of resources for things like CSS and whatnot if you want to give them some other CS work.
I like codepen.io