CSD Early Finishers

Anyone have ideas on how to handle students who finish a lesson early?

Have the students who finished early help the students who are having problems.

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I usually have “hacker” problems at the end of my lessons the are challenging for my students that they can opt into. Sometimes it’s an extension of the classwork, sometimes its a preview of next class and sometimes its something related that we won’t get to in class. If you’re in Unit 3 and the “Lesson Extras” are turned on, there is often an open ended Game Lab at the end which students can explore and create these “hacker” challenges.

Hope that helps a little! Looking forward to hearing more people’s solutions.



My early finishers are usually the students in AP classes. They always have work to do for other classes and I encourage them to work on it.
Unit 2 is where they finish quickly and there are a ton of resources for things like CSS and whatnot if you want to give them some other CS work.
I like codepen.io


Hi Brad,

I know I have to “turn on” the lesson extras and I also know it’s in the Teacher Dashboard but for some reason I can’t find where to turn on the challenges at the end of the lessons, Advice?


Hi Margaret,

Have you seen this support article? It might have what you’re looking for.

What are ‘Lesson Extras’?



Sorry if I was unclear - the challenges are things that I’ve made up to challenge my advanced students. The only thing code.org offers (right now) are lesson extras which have some expansion, but I often use the final “bubbles” of a stage to challenge the students to create something.

Sometimes my challenges are an expansion of the lesson itself (for the sprite movement I asked them to create sprites that moved diagonally) or using skills from a few previous lessons (for the collide I had them create sprites that moved diagonally and then different collision based on which was the bigger sprite), etc…


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