Extensions for Advanced Students


What would you do with a student who’s already adept at using HTML? The class is working through Lesson 3: Intro to HTML today and he finished in 5 minutes because he already knows everything being presented in the lesson.


For my students who are done early in any of the online lessons, I push them to work on the “Express Course” on the code.org website (I think in the “Course Catalog” link at the top, then in the Grade 6-12 section). This isn’t a webdesign-specific assignment, but for me it’s just the most convenient while still provides valuable learning. I don’t give my students extra points or anything, but usually if they’re ahead of other students, they’re usually up for a challenge and/or they just find the Express Course engaging.


I’m going to throw this out there but I’m not sure if it’s what you are referring to as your question refers to Lesson 3; Bubbles 1 and 2.

When we began entering code, I had a student who would copy the code on the actual Code.org web page and paste it into his lesson. It appeared as though he was completing the work. After our discussion, I let the student know I was aware of what he was doing. Since he felt he “already knew” HTML, I asked him to be the Lead Student Coder and to work through each of the lessons at his own pace. Needles to say, I kept an eye on him! He was a great help when a student needed some assistance with a particular lesson-- since he had already completed it.



Hi Patty,

Can you remember which lessons had HTML exemplars that they students could copy and paste from? We tried to make the exemplars images for that reason, and we can look at switching over any that still might be in HTML.