Extension for advanced learner

I have a student who already knows HTML and he finished today’s lesson (3: Intro to HTML) in 5 minutes. Any suggestions for what to do with a student who already knows all or most of the content being taught?

I would let the student work independently through the lessons, encourage him to produce a high quality multiple-page website and encourage him to help students who may struggle with a concept. You could also have the student work through Codecademy. They offer free courses on Web Development and several programming languages.

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I have created a class in Khan academy for my advanced learners. Once they complete the lesson in code.studio, they log into my khan academy class for extended learning.

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Khan Academy is a great extension - I’ve also used Codecademy[Free] and CodeSchool[Some Free] in the past. Another resources that I just came across - but haven’t used is “Dash” from General Assembly, but it comes highly recommended!