Extension Ideas?

I have a few students who have really taken to coding and work quickly and efficiently. Therefore, they have finished their games already and they work great, but most of the rest of my class is either still in the beginning stages of their game or still on the game design lessons (20/21). What are some things you have your early finishers do so they aren’t just “hanging out”? I have culled a few resources that students have access to through our Google Classroom page (Scratch, Tynker, Crunchzilla, Gameblox, etc) so they have something but I don’t know if there’s another, more productive option I could explore. Thank you!

The first thing I do with the students who finish their game is push them to make improvements to their game by increasing the complexity. For some of the students, I have had them increase their coding abilities using codecademy, codecombat or build another game on GameLab.

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Thank you for sharing. I like the idea of increasing the complexity of their games. I certainly have students who meet all the requirements on the rubric, but their game is extremely simple.