Game Lab help please

One of my students created a basic maze in Game Lab and wants to take it to the next level by creating a second screen for a second maze with objects for the avatar to collect. The first level works the way it’s supposed to but we can’t get it to create a new screen and have no idea where to look for an example. We’ve read the documents but I can’t identify what could be adapted to make it work. My Javascript knowledge doesn’t stretch that far. Could someone help please?

Hello @ecobb1,

There are many ways to accomplish this. I would suggest breaking down the problem in “pseudocode” or just in a regular sentence when you want the scene to change. For example…

  • If the sprites gets past the right edge, then change the scene.

Then try to connect the things in the sentence to the tools you know and can do with the blocks. This might lead to needing to break the problem down further.

  • If the sprite.x > 400, then hide the current background by either making a new one visible and it layers over the old OR by making the current background visible=false and new background visible = true.

I have an example here of a maze game that changes scenes. If you and your student break it down and find the condition statement that causes the first scene change, I think you’ll be able to do many more. Remember, there are many more ways than this example so keep problem solving!! I hope this helps get you started.