Game not continuing after initial screen

Bug in this game

Student wants to have 3 “pre-warning” screens before the game starts.
On the first screen it says click to continue. which would then go to his pre-warning.

The only thing running is the initial flashing screen.
Any help you might give would be amazing!

Here’s a couple of things to look at to get started with …

I used a console.log() statement to show me the value of pre as the program was run. It kept saying “false”, but your student’s conditional statements are looking for a number, not a boolean.

On line 9, it sets pre = to 2, however, on line 11, it then changes pre to the boolean false, so there is something wrong there. Also on 11, your student changes the value of warning (a sprite) to a boolean (false). This may be part of the problem or may not be, but it is generally not a good idea to change a sprite into a different kind of variable and that will likely cause other problems down the road.

Then, on line 21, the conditional statement is looking for the “” key to be pressed, but there is no key in between the quotation marks, so that isn’t ever happening.

Have your student look at those two issues and see if that gets them closer to solving the problem.

Good luck!