GameLab setAnimation not working

I’m trying to make an OS-like program.
To open the program, swipe up and enter “3333” (Press “3” 4 times.)
Here’s what’s going wrong:
On line 441, I’m setting the animation of the sprite app1icon to screens[currentScreen][0].iconscreens[currentScreen][0].icon. If you console.log this value, you will recieve “calculator icon” which is an actual animation.
(It looks blank, but it isn’t, it’s just that all of the pixels are white.)
I don’t understand why the sprite is still grey (it’s shapeColor). It’s supposed to be drawing the sprite’s animation, that I set using app1icon.setAnimation(screens[currentScreen][0].icon)
I tried doing app1icon.setAnimation(“calculator icon”) directly, and it still didn’t work.


Is it perhaps because app2icon was created in the exact same place as app1icon, and after app1icon, but it was never animated?

I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t spend the time necessary to fully understand what you are doing, but I don’t see anywhere where you have made app2icon invisible and it would be drawn on top of app1icon…

Let me know if I’m wrong … (which is entirely possible).


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Thank you so much for answering. That’s probably why this is happening, and I don’t know why i didn’t notice this. I will try this and tell you if this is why it’s happening