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Here in Indiana, our 6th graders will be tested in CS. My question is does this course cover the requirements of CS here in indiana for 6th grade? Our big computer science stuff starts in 7th grade. Here is a link to the standards tested.

Also, I know I could look this up, I’m just wondering if someone who has more time then me has already looked into this.



Hi @dbroersma -

My apologies for this taking so long, I didn’t see this post until a while after it was posted.

If you haven’t already, I mapped the 6-8 standards to CS Fundamentals Express in this document. It’s generally very good and hits most of the standards (except DI.4, DI.5, CD.3, IC.3, and IC.4 – these can all be covered easily/quickly through a handful of CS Discoveries lessons).

Depending on the time you have, CS Fundamentals Express is VERY programming heavy (and there’s only 1 standard, PA.2, that covers that), so you could always do 1 programming lesson plan per concept in class and assign the others for that concept as homework or extra credit.

As always, please feel free to email me directly if you have any Indiana specific questions or content requests.


~ Jenna

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