Going virtual with Code.org's CS Principles? We're here to help!

As more schools close in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Code.org classrooms are moving to using our CS Principles curriculum in a virtual setting. We have created a landing page at code.org/athome/csp where we will be sharing updates, resources, and guidance on how to continue to support your students when working virtually. Some resources you’ll already find there include:

  • A Virtual Survival Guide students can use to prepare for and complete the Create PT in a virtual setting.
  • Recommendations for reviewing and preparing for the AP exam
  • Recommendations for modifying units and lessons of the course to be used in a virtual setting
  • Tips for using Code.org virtually and links to outside resources

We expect circumstances to continue to evolve and are committed to continuing to update this page with new information and resources as they are available. We are inspired to see so many teachers rise to the occasion by developing and sharing resources. We look forward to working together to support your students through these challenging times.

Hannah & GT
~ CSP Team