Google is blocking my school from google trends!



Google trends will work in the morning, but by the afternoon, my students are seeing a message from google:

error 429:
We’re sorry, but you have sent too many requests to us recently. Please try again later. That’s all we know.

2 questions:
Why are we seeing this message?
What can I do to resolve this?

I looked for other search engines to have similar search history results released for public consumption, but did not find anything that was free (lots of paid stuff for amazon/ebay search analytics).


From what I understand it’s google seeing too many requests from the same IP address (could be a range of addresses too I guess) where they believe it’s coming from a bot. I don’t see an easy solution (a recommendation was switching IP addresses but that’s not easy in school setting).

I have not had that happen here. Are other seeing this?


I got the exact same error about 1/3rd the way through my 2nd section yesterday. It is continuing to give me this error today.

I suspected it had to do with all our computers appear as a single IP when outside the network, but is there anyway to get it unblocked? Switching IP will not work for us.