CSP - Unit 9 - Lesson 1

Students were not able to access Google Trends in my class. According to an email received from Google, Google Trends is not accessible to students under 18. Therefore, most of my students are not able to access this site.

Any suggestions on how to revise this lesson?

Hi @cdeltufo , thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are going to work on how to revise this lesson. Apologies for not replying any sooner!

If your school allows it, Pinterest has a similar tool you could substitute in here

Depending on your class size, you could keep the class together for the entire activity portion of the lesson and walk through it together on the board using your own account. Alternatively, you could ask your students head of time to provide search terms they would be interested in investigating and then make a fixed number of graphs yourself that you could then share with your students for them to complete the activity with.

I’m not sure about the accessibility of these links but you could use the “Year in Search” link

I hope this is helpful and would love to hear what you did/do to revise the lesson and how it went/goes with your students.