Wrap up calls for students to present charts?

The Wrap up for lesson 4.2 calls for students to present their charts, but I don’t see where students are required to create a chart in the Activity Guide. Is this “chart” just the Google trends visualization of their data story? How should that be shared out if they can’t project what’s on the computer to the class?

Hi @claudetteguy16,

Yes, I also interpreted the “chart” to mean the one they found on Google Trends.

It looks like the format of this sharing isn’t very specific, so I would do whatever works for your class. For example, perhaps individuals can share with their groups or share between partners.

If you want to do a whole-class format, you might just ask the student what their search terms were and assuming they did a relatively simple search, just type that into the computer that is being projected.

Hope that helps!