Unit 2 Stage 14 SEO Analyzer

This is such a good program and was really beneficial for my students. However, as they started to work on it,
this is what they received:
“We limit the use of our SEO tools for non members to 5 seo analyses every 24 hour.”

Our computer network is set up in a way that all searches seem to come from one network address not individual computer addresses. Is there another site you can recommend?

Hey Nikki,

I went and took a quick look online and “Search Engine Optimizer” as a search brought up a number of possible tools you could use. Here’s an example that I believe meets many of the goals of the original tool. http://www.seoptimer.com/

Sorry that it didn’t work in your class. I’ve made a note so that we can come up with a better solution in the long-term.


Thank you! This worked!