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I used the rubric for my students’ presentations. They were quite impressive, by the way! But, now I have feedback written down on the provided rubric but I am struggling how to get that to a % for the grade book. How have others converted the App Design Project Rubric to a grade? Not all of my students should receive 100s.


I think there are a couple of ways to do this. If you can, this might just be a participation grade as we are still in the first Unit and students are getting comfortable - plus the nature of this project is “always in Beta” which it can be improved upon. It seems like all of them did it, so maybe the scale is from 65-100, and there are 9 categories that students had to complete. I sometimes (with journals) give either a 2, 1, or 0. Zero if not done, 1 if done sloppy with no thought and 2 done with thought. This leaves a lot of room to judge students individually on what they are capable of.

For this project I think I only gave a couple B’s because they were sloppy, but as students were still making sense of Input/Output/Storage/Processing and trying to come up with something original, some students were impossible to create but I could tell they took a lot of time to do it vs other students that (in the last minute) tried to create a Facebook for the school.

I hope that makes sense, I would - if possible - avoid giving grades on the project but focus on the effort, taking into account prior knowledge of the student to see if they put in there best effort.

Let me know if you have any other questions - or how you ended up grading them!

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Thanks! That helps! I had a couple where the students had no idea what they actually did. They just answered the questions but could never explain what their app did. So they don’t deserve a 100. The effort just wasn’t there.

Thanks for your help!

Here is the rubric I came up with and used last year with success.


Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you, I like your rubric. I will use it!!

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Thanks. This will be useful.

Thanks for sharing and all that you do!