Seeking opinions on rubric weighting


This project is unique in that it comes with 2 scoring rubrics, one for the written responses and one for the program itself. I’m curious to hear if others decided to use the rubric points as given (12 for program and 5 for the written responses). The weights the program portion much more heavily than the writing.

Also, I am thinking about adding an item to the programming rubric to incentivize creativity and effort. It occurred to me that a student could literally draw a scene containing something as minimal as a bunch of repeated line segments and still receive full credit. Perhaps that shouldn’t be punished and would be considered acceptable under the AP guidelines. Any thoughts on that?




I will probably use the rubric as provided for scoring. However, I will make adjustments that better align with my district’s grading policies before entering it in the gradebook. For instance, I will double the weight of the written response so it ‘balances’ better with the programming content. I usually change the weights to 5-3-0 or 2-1-0 because reasonable effort must be given a minimum of 50%. Although it adds a more subjective criteria, I like the idea of assessing originality/creativity. I may add some language in the group planning that mentions a recognizable theme or connection to an inspiration photo. There may be some interesting modern art examples.

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