Unit 3 Lesson 7 Grading

Once your student turn in their app that they’ve created, how do you go about grading it? I can’t decide how to go about it.

there’s usually a grading rubric that goes with each big project comes with one maybe another person can link it but you should be able to find it yourself, though general things you should look at

  • is the code readable / follow able
  • does it run?
  • does it have bugs?
  • does it fit the functionality that the project describes?

I’d think any of those should have an effect on how you grade things.
best of luck though!

Hi @jwhorton,

As @varrience said there is usually a rubric printed to go with these larger projects. I don’t see one for this lesson, but the planning guide has several requirements listed on the front.

I’d recommend making a simple 3-point rubric for each of these bullet points:

  • does not address it at all
  • somewhat addresses it
  • fully addresses it

and graiding from there. It’s definitely open to interpretation & I’d love to hear what others do!

–Michael K.