Rubric for the App Proposal Project

Hi, everyone! I modified the project slightly and required my students to create a digital presentation of their app proposal. Many chose to work in Google Slides or Google Draw (digital poster!). I have developed a rubric to grade their presentations, and I wanted to share. It is by no means perfect, but it may be a good start for some of you guys. And if you have any feedback on it, I would love to hear it!

Here is the link:


Nice. I too had the students present their apps so this is awesome.

This is great. I had them present their apps as well but I’m thinking next time I may show some shark tank videos and try to get some of the kids to really get into their presentation in a style similar to that. I also have the class be the “investors” at the end and have them fill out a google form where they choose who they would give money to. You can check out the form I use here. Feel free to make a copy and use it. By creative commons standards please consider this public domain!(I’m learning too! Which is why I made it the Viking Vault instead of Shark Tank)


I also had my students create a Google Presentation. I had them change the orientation to Portrait so that it looked like the set up on a phone. They loved the project, but we seriously had to brainstorm and discuss ideas since they wanted to “copy” ideas like social media.

I also had my students present, but I love your idea for investors, where they choose their investment! That is an awesome idea! Would you mind sharing? I too have used the Shark Tank scenario before and kids really buy in to it! Awesome!!

Hi! Would you mind sharing all of your information that you presented to your students for this assignment or one of the completed assignments by a student? I love the rubric but would love to see what you had them put on each slide.

Ditto! I would love to see the same idea. Thanks!

I cannot download this as it is in the trash from the owner. can you reupload this so I can make a copy? I love this idea!

Audrey edwards

Sorry. Try it again. I just took it back out.

I didn’t realize that there was this post about rubrics. I made another post about an interactive rubric that I created. It is a view only google doc.

Thank you for sharing your grading rubric.

I love this idea! How do your students view the apps? Do you have any app examples that you could post?

Hey @kbreitbach - I’ve done the ‘Shark Tank’ style of sharing as well and I’ve usually just had my students rotate computers to view one another’s final presentations as it’s been the fastest way of doing it and it guarantees that they’re actually focused on the task at hand. Alternatively, I’ve also shared links to the presentations (obviously tell students to make sure their projects are in ‘view only’ mode) via a Google Form where they also can submit their votes when they’ve finished viewing the presentations.

I moved over the summer cross-country and lost access to so many of my student examples (ugh…didn’t think to share those with my personal Google account), but here’s one presentation that might help.

I found my students REALLY enjoyed making designs/slides of their apps’ various screens and it really helped them to think more in-depth about how their app would function- getting at the input/output/storage and processing. They really got into it. I hope this helps!

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