Grading Pair Programming work

How do people grade when students are pair programming?

Let’s say Mikey and Crystal are pair programming. I can see the work on Mickey’s account and it tells me that he worked with Crystal. And let’s say they show “Extensive Understanding.”

Do you click Extensive Understanding on BOTH Mickey’s and Crystal’s account pages? That is what I am planning to do, but it seems like this should be built into the platform…

What do others do?


To clarify - you are asking if it is automated to give the same grade to both partners once one of the partner’s work has been graded? I believe you still have to manually mark both students as “Extensive Understanding”. I personally like to touch each student in case there is a comment I may want to leave for one of the partners privately. If you would like that feature added, you can always let support know. Suggestions are used to guide versions of the curriculum.

Looking forward to hearing from others regarding what they do when grading pair programming projects.