Group Programming?

Is there a way I can allow all three of my students into a single group, wherein the may simultaneously develop the app together? I am envisioning something similar to a Google Doc: where they can all work on their own elements together.

I have students share the screens with each other, but as for coding, they need to go into text mode, copy, paste and email to each other.
This reminds students about the importance and need to separate code with comment blocks and reinforces proper naming to align with the design docs.
Hope this helps

I appreciate your getting back to me on this. I think that will be helpful but there isn’t a way that they can actively code together? I only have three students and paired programming really isn’t a great option.

Try Replit. While App Lab and Game Lab projects cannot be run on Replit, they can be edited by multiple users at once, and the code can then be pasted back into


Replit is not run by and does not follow’s terms of service. A Replit account is required for each user.