Hackathon for PT Create

I am trying to organize a local hackathon for a PT Create Practice. I sent an email to the College Board, but thought I would reach out to your team to see who is teaching it in our area. I am pretty sure I was one of the only schools that offered it last year in our metro area. Easton is located in the Lehigh Valley, population of about 900,000. The state of PA is made up of 500 school districts and Lehigh Valley has about 20-40. Most of my students were underclassmen and have moved on to AP CS and are in our CS club so I think we could have a really good team of “counselors”. In addition, we have a good relationship with a few colleges in the area. Is their a way to query a list of schools for a 50 mile radius from 18045? Is there someone from code.org I could email this request? Thanks in advance.

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Hey Carol,

Do you have a regional partner you could get in touch with. That was my avenue for getting in contact with our local CS Discoveries and CS Principles teachers out here in Seattle. It would probably be primary Code.org teachers but that’d be one good way to get started.

Sounds like a really cool project so hope you’re able to put it together!