Hackathon Project

I’m growing concerned about time… with remote and now moving to hybrid, we have significantly reduced class time. I only “see” my kids three times a week for a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes. I know that the hackathon project is an opportunity to practice for the Create PT but I’m considering skipping it for now to cover more content before starting the actual Create PT… thoughts?

My 2 cents… I think the hackathon the best practice they have for the Create PT. Starting from scratch, coming up with an idea, designing it, coding it up and writing about it are essential. If you are looking for things to skip now and pick up later, I would skip Unit 6 and the second half of Unit 7. Neither of those are required for the Create PT. You can scale the Hackathon project down to 1 or 2 screens which makes it much more manageable. We are also fully remote here. My students did it as individuals with a 2 screen requirement and did well.

thank you for your advice… I will do that! Just out of curiosity, where are your kids at right now?

I agree with gjschmidt that the Hackathon project is the best practice. You might want to do the first half of Unit 7 (using parameters with functions) and then do the Hackathon project and try to match the Create PT requirements as closely as possible.

We just finished the Hackathon and are in the first part of Unit 7 right now. After that we will move onto the Create PT. I hope they are ready! I know I need to talk though all the prompts with them in detail, but the Create PT Survival Guide covers them pretty well too.

Code is great but the prompts get the points!