Has anyone created frameworks for CS Discoveries?



I am a teacher in Washington state and would like to teach CS discoveries in 7th and 8th grade. One of the requirements for a course to be CTE approved is to have frameworks for the course approved by the state. Has anyone created frameworks I could use as a guide? I would hate to recreate the wheel.


I’ve put together a sample framework for folks to use in WA, feel free to make a copy and modify to fit your needs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MmSAExOKb3rFti2oq0KA47Ot1zMWOgutBxugxgvpj4U/edit


It looks great and so neat. My school doesn’t require it but I am glad to find such a resource. I do use CS Discovery with my middle school students, and so happy about the program.
Thank you a lot for sharing!


In Orting School District, at the middle school, we turned in this framework. It was returned with a response stating that “Since this is a middle school CTE course, there needs to be a focus in STEM. This requires math and science in every unit. Please revise.”

I am confused because Math is all over each unit, but there are blank portions of the “mathematics” sections of the framework, but all the more confusing is that our high school has one course of CS Discoveries that uses this framework, while many other schools throughout Washington have this framework on file.


It sounds like it is hit or miss on whether the framework was accepted by the state. Being the framework was approved for your high school, could you just use the same CIP code, etc at the middle school or do you have to have a separate framework approved at the middle school?


Orting School District has worked on an updated framework. Follow the link below


Thank you for sharing this. Looks great and very helpful for others.


This is great Josh! Thank you! Do you have any plans to update it now that Washington State has just changed their standards based on ISTE? We do standards based grading at my school and I haven’t seen any alignment to ISTE at all.