AP CSP Framework?


Just touching base with anyone out there who might want to share their framework for the course that we all have to submit to OSPI in Washington State.


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Classic thread hijacking :wink: if anyone has info on that framework let me know


Hi @fleisch1984,

I’m working with our outreach team to see if I can track any help for you. Can you send me any more details on the framework you are talking about?



I actually got messaged by another teacher who is going to help me out. A framework is a document that goes into insanely scrupulous detail on each unit and connects the activities and assessments to state/federal standards. All CTE teachers in Washington State need an official framework for each one of of their courses they teach, they can be very long and difficult to produce. The one I have for AP Computer Science is 29 pages long. They are subject to audit and must be approved annually by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. I know I may have made it sound tedious and horrible. That was my intention.


Hi Fleisch1984, I am currently teaching Exploring Computer Science (ECS) in Yakima, WA, but we are interested in possibly having CSP in the future. When I looked through the CIP code list for WA at OSPI, I didn’t find any AP Computer Science, only Intro to Computer Science (which is clearly where ECS fits). Did your framework get approved? And also, what is the course code (or CIP code, or V-code, or all three!) that you are using for CSP?


If you search in the Cedars Data Manual:" http://www.k12.wa.us/CEDARS/Manuals.aspx " you will find the Cedars course code for AP CSP (10157). Also a possible contact at OSPI for Computer Science:
Shannon Thissen

Barbara Dittrich - barbara.dittrich@k12.wa.us She did a presentation on AP in CTE.

Hope this helps


SOOOO very helpful! Thanks a bazillion!


Hey Fleisch1984! This year, I will be teaching CSP after successfully finishing CSD last year. Do you have a current WA State frameworks for CSP available to share?


I did make one form scratch that ended up getting approved, but I will have to see if I can get ahold of my CTE director to track it down. I haven’t seen that god forsaken thing since I finished it.
I’ll email him and keep you posted. I don’t want you to suffer like I did and make your own!


I would LOVE a copy of this as well!


Have you been able to locate a framework copy that you would be willing to share for CSP?