A Sample Framework for CSD in the High School Setting (w/ resources)

I noticed a couple of threads (here and here) where teachers were looking for ways to supplement the CSD curriculum because they felt it wasn’t challenging enough for high schoolers. I put something together in response to those threads, but I thought I would post it here as well (I just now noticed this area of the forum).

Hopefully a few of you will find this useful.

A Sample Framework for CSD in the High School Setting (w/ supplemental resources)

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@jpauley I like your sample framework and resources. I would like to use some of the resources you have mentioned in the security section. Thank you for sharing.

@jpauley are you headed to code.org TeacherCon in Phoenix this year? If so, would love to meet up with you and pick your brain. If you’re not registered, I believe there are still spots open, you should definitely check it out!

That would be really cool, but I’ve already gone through the formal year-long training for AP CSP (which I’m teaching now). Do you ever go to NCCE’s conference? I do tend to hit that one up each year or something similar (if I can get my district to foot the bill, which they usually do). Let me know if anything exciting lands on your radar. It would definitely be nice to meet up at some point.