Header not changing background color and boarder


Student’s code looks right but it wont execute.

He wants the boarder style to change to inset and the background color to be light cyan and the text decoration to be an underline. See images.



Hi Mr. Meyer,
I’m not sure if the are other bugs, but I’m seeing an extra curly bracket on lines 27-28 of the style sheet. The screenshots are helpful. It could also be useful to get the Share link, so that folks who are interested in poking around can remix the project.
Happy coding.


Mr. Meyer,

Agree with Mike, please share a remix. But in the footer class (lines 23-26), the students is missing a semi-colon on the text-decoration-style (line 26). Typically this means that none of the codes below would work because the computer is waiting for that command to be finished. Are any of the codes below working?

Looking forward to figuring this out - the website looks great!