Help with Code issue

My student is working on Unit 2 Lesson 6 Mod 11 and wrote this code.

body {
background: white;

h2 {
color: #f42b2b;

He is tried using just “red” will not change the color. Yes he even refresh the page and still did not work. What am I missing?

Hi rdiaz1,
It worked for me when I tried it.
May we have a look at the index.html file?

Here is the code for the index.html file.

Image description

And how to be honest

Learning to be honest

  • Try to be honest and if you lie just correct yourself.
  • Do the right thing.
  • You're done!
  • Values

  • It can help you be a better person.
  • It helps you to lie less.
  • How about the section in the red oval?

    Sorry, somehow the code did not get pasted to the email.

    Here is a screen shot of the index:

    Here is a screen shot of the css

    Ok, here is the bug. Either:
    a) rename your .css file to style.css (on the list of files), OR
    b) index.html line 4: change style.css to new.css.
    In other words, your css file name has to match in both places.
    I hope that helps,

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    Thank you, I completely miss that.