CSS not working



A student is having problems with a CSS and HTML page not linking. The code (see below) seems to be accurate, but the background color and h3 color are not changing.


<link rel="sylesheet" href="new-2.css" > 
<h3> How to use technology safely </h3>

<p> Many people don't think of technology as dangerous and others do. The real thing to focuse on is how do you use it so that it can be used as a safe and useful tool. </p>

  <li>Only use websites that you know are safe and reliable</li> 

<li>Don't post personal information on social media sites, such as credit card numbers and family secrets. </li>

<li> Have limits set for yourself, or use a timer so that you don't spend too much time on a device. </li>
  • If someone you don't know is bothering you online do not speak to them anymore and report them to someone, like a parent.
  • </ul>

    Of course there are more things to remember when you are online, but these are just a few important things to remember. If you make sure to use this list it will help make sure that you are safer and your devices can be used for pleasure and work without you having to be worried about your safety.

    <img src= "800px-Emojione_263A.svg.png" alt= " smiley face" style=" width:200px; height:147px;">

    STYLESHEET (new-2.CSS)

    body {

    background: pink;



    font-weight: bold;
    color: whitesmoke;



    color: black;
    font-weight: normal;




    Can you share a link to the project? When I opened a new WebLab and copied and pasted the HTML and CSS into my WebLab, it works. Just want to see all the code to continue to troubleshoot.

    Thanks in advance!


    Stylesheet is misspelled in the href tag in the HTML. That might be it.