CSS link not working?

I have had multiple students working in Unit 2 that have problems with their CSS not linking. The link tag is correct in the HTML but their website will not show the CSS script. Lesson 6 part 9 is the most common one. I have taken some of their code and put it into a different editor and it works fine. Anyone else having this issue?

Hmmm … anyway you could give us a shared link to look at? I’d be curious to take a look at it and try to figure it out.


I think it is the quotation marks that our Chromebooks are using. If we go into the Documentation resource and copy the link tag from there and paste it works fine. If we try to type it out it the quotation marks look different and it doesn’t link. I can send you a link if you want still just let me know.

No, that makes total sense. The old straight vs curly quotation marks issue. I should have thought of that because it’s happened to me before… I am almost certain you are correct and have solved your own problem.

Good to refresh my memory on that.