Unit 2 Lesson 13 - Stylesheet not linking


I have a few students who are having an issue with a stylesheet not linking to his/her html page.

This first student has 3 stylesheets (1 for each page). 2 of them work, but the 3rd one does not. The html page is cookies.html and the stylesheet is cookies.css.

The other student cannot get a stylesheet to link to his page at all. He is using the basketball.html and bballstyle.css pages. https://studio.code.org/s/csd2-2018/stage/13/puzzle/11?section_id=1806257&user_id=42414987

I have deleted the stylesheets and links and then re-created them, but it still does not fix it.

Thank you.


On line 4 change “cookiesstyle” to “style sheet”. This should be used no matter the name of the file.

I can’t help you with the other because when I clicked the link it brought me to my lesson. If you can link his project I can look at it.

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Just checking in - did what @jadams1 mention work for all of them? Let us know and if needed, post a link to the shared website. Thanks!