Help with code and style guide

A student is trying to integrate a style guide into their code. It is not working. Anyone see something I am not seeing.

Link to website



A few issues here, I can’t see their file tree, but it seems they have two style.css files, one empty and one with all the style they want. This might confuse the computer, so I’d delete the blank one. The second issue is the < style link rel href > isn’t in the < head > so it might not be pointing at that at all. This second issue might be fixed once you delete the extra blank css file. Finally in the css file, the student is missing a lot of semi-colons to end the decorations for each of the selectors, so the computer is waiting for that command to be finished before it goes to the next one, so make sure at the end of every line has a semi-colon.

Once those three things have been attempted - let me know if it’s still having issues.


Thanks Brad for your help. I got it to work. I deleted the line of code and rewrote it and it worked. The errors you are seeing must have been the student working on it after we got it to work, so hopefully he fixes them.
Thanks for your help!