HELP with a project

My student wants to make a craps game (challenge lesson 16). What they want to happen when the ‘r’ key is pressed is to update the ‘dice’ variable in their if statement and show the number on the dice image. It just doesn’t work. Not sure what is going on. Any help is appreciated!


The r key is changing the values, so the first part of the equation is correct which is good news.

What’s happening is that the new values aren’t updating the screen. That happens with the drawSprites block. If you look right now, the drawSprites block is only executing at the time the bet is placed and never again.

Your student will need to decide where the best place for the drawSprites block is so it updates after each roll.

Also, it’s likely that they will only need one drawSprites block in the entire project and not multiples as they have now.

Hope this helps, but check back in if they still struggle to figure it out.


Thank you so much! Figured it out. I should have looked more closley