Help with Debugging Unit 5 Lessons 13-17

Hello, I have a student that is struggling with some debugging issues with her App.
What is expected to happen: The user selects a song title from the drop down list. The app returns the Artist for the song.

What is happening: The Artist is not being returned and printed in the text area on screen 3.

I have used watchers and the artistsoutput is not being populated, however I cannot figure out why.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

I see two problems. Firstly, remove the quotation marks from the items in the dropdown menu. Secondly, your comparison of titles[i] to inputTitles should be case insensitive. So convert both strings to either uppercase or lowercase before doing the comparison or make sure the case of the titles in the dropdown menu match the text in the table.

Thanks for your reply. We have tried running without quotations in the dropdown menu, and that did not work either. So we added the quotations as the table data has quotations around each title. The student also typed the case titles to match the text in the menu. I’m stumped.

I did the changes I suggested on the code you had shared earlier. It works. Here is the link to the corrected code.

Thank you. I wonder if it’s a system error somewhere on my end. I have found that if I remove the quotations, change it back with quotations, and then remove them the second time, it works. I have had similar problems with three other student’s apps not printing. Each time, it takes me changing it twice to get it to work.

Thanks for all your help.