Help with enemy attacking

testing project

after the enemy attacks the player the punch thrown animation should stay for a brief moment before it prepares for another attack.

but instead it punches, stays on the punch thrown animation until you move out of its range and it isn’t able to attack another time.

i tried putting a sort of resetter that activates when it successfully hurts the player but it doesnt seem to do anything

you can press space to skip the cutscene to make things faster

a/d (move
j/l (look
s (slide
k (attack
space (skip
e open (doors

Well I’ve tried debugging but your code has much more issues considering the amount of sequence breaking I’ve witnessed, my best advice would be to check if the enemy is within range of the player by subtracting the 2 x coords for them to then be allowed to attack rather than checking if it’s touching the player, additionally if your using an attack timer you should reset it the moment it activates otherwise it’ll keep setting the animation and it’ll be stuck

from your earlier posts I assume your probably a beginner starting off… I’d recommend making smaller projects to help you get acclimated to the language though your free to do as you like

Best Varrience

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