Help with loops

Hi I need some help to include a loop in a simple App that my year 6 students are making. They are designing an App to help when people are in an emergency situation. I am new to coding and need a little bit of help with the loops. Something as simple as a flashing label that says “Call 000 if your emergency is life threatening” would be great. Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

@sgard25, welcome to the forum! We would be happy to help, but may need a little more information from you first.

Are you using Game Lab, App Lab, or something else? Have they already started? Have the students tried something that isn’t working how they want it to? We are happy to look at it if you are started already, but don’t know where you are and what you have tried already.

If you have something, can you have your students click on the “share” button and send us the link and we’d be happy to look at it!



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