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My school requires weekly homework, so I thought I would share something. There is a link to information on Roman and Arabic numerals in lesson 4, however it may no longer be active.

It showed up as such in the lesson:
"Why do you think we use the symbols we do use to represent numbers? Who decided that? "

I’m attaching the print out of the article, a formative homework I created, and the answer key. Use it however you would like. Well, it said I cannot upload attachments… So I guess once I can, I will upload.

Once they were trying to come up with their own number system, it blew their minds when I told them the Romans used “subtraction” in their number system.


Thanks @oumerch for reporting this. I’ll let Code.org staff know about the dead link. Next time you find anything in the curriculum that needs a fix, please write to support@code.org.

If you are unable to upload an attachment, you could try put it in a Google doc and share the link.


@oumerch I’ve updated the link and all should be well now.

~ Hannah
CSP Team